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(Mino Festival)


In April near the Hachiman Shrine, a splendid spring Shinto ritual know as Mi, no Festival is held. Tid festival is made up of three events:The Flower Portable shrine (Hana Mikoshi), Festival Japanese paper. The floats demonstrate the sophistication of Mino's culture. Mino's Nagashi niwaka exercises a satirical perfomance. All of this stirs up Mino's spring charm.


Dates for the festival:The second Satrday and sundy in April.

美濃市の行事(Mino Ivent): 美濃市の行事内容


(The Light Festival)


During the autumn nights in Mino City, this big event exhibits numerous elegant lights, which appears as if rising to the surface from the darkness. Light artwok from all over the country are displayed along "Udatsu no Agaru Machi-Nami".


​Dates for the exhibit:In October the Saturday before Sports day.

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